Hey it’s a sell out!

Hello my dears,

I’m so excited about coming back to Montreux in less then a month. This time for a very special ocassion: Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party…. How exciting that sounds!

It feels so long ago now (29th January) when I bought my ticket and Guest T-Shirt for the party, and booked flights and accommodation. Since then I can’t wait for September! 

What about you my dear? Are you going too? As you can see, I’m taking this matter very serious in a mercuryoulsy way… I’ve even asked to a bespoke tailor to fit my Freddie Mercury Wembley ’86 Costume.

If you want to see some action, you get nothing but the best” and that’s what we’re going to celebrate, what would it be his 70th Birthday Party… Imagine if he were in flesh and bone on Earth…. What a party!!!

God Save The QUEEN!

Gaby Braca


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