Performing with Richard Jupp, Rikki Glover and Tim Loudon

Yesterday was a great day.

For one of my assessments at Uni, I had to perform for 8-10 minutes. From a not-great-list, I chose Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley and Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. For the first time in my life, I was going to sing with incredible musicians, including Richard Jupp (Elbow drummer for 25 years), Rikki Glover and Tim Loudon. They’re not only super talented players, they’re such a nice people!

Finally, time for the truth arrived. Yesterday I pretended to be a Rock Star and had such an amazing time.

Since I was a little girl and felt in love with Queen that I wanted to be in a Rock band. Yesterday during 8 minutes I had that feeling and it felt SO FUCKING GOOD. When Rikki was playing the guitar solo in Purple Haze I didn’t want that moment to end!


The Band and me (Happy as a hippo)

The Band and me (Happy as a hippo)


I don’t know what’s next for me in my Music road… but what I do know is that nothing will stop me!


May the Music be with you,

Gaby Braca






Photograph: RAMzine Chad Smith with students of ACM.

One of My 2016 Highlights: Chad Smith

I never really liked much RHCP. I like Aeroplane and the cover Love Rollercoaster. However, when I was told that Chad Smith would be giving a Masterclass at the Academy where I’m studying I didn’t waste a minute to book me in.

And really it was worth it. Not only I had the chance to see him playing a bit, but also listening to his enormous musical experience, to know his music idols and received priceless pieces of advice. What called my attention was how humble he seems to be and how incredibly funny and entertainer he is. He also swears a lot, and I love that!

One of my personal highlights of the Q&A was when he mentioned “Buenos Aires” and I couldn’t avoid raising my arms with clear excitement. I was sitting in the front row so he saw me and asked me what’s going on, so I told him that I was from Argentina. And… wow! His reaction killed me. Pretending to be scared, he moved his stool to seat a bit more far away from me and suddenly changed the subject to spent a few minutes explaining how passionate and “crazy” the Argentinians fans are. He even sang like we sing in every live concert: “Oleee, oleee, oleee!”. Hilarious.

Can’t wait to have the whole video to watch it.

Since then, of course, every time I listen a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song is a bit different. I think I have changed my mind about them.


May the Music be with you,

Gaby Braca


Cover Photograph: RAMzine – Chad Smith with students of ACM.