Feliz Cumplea√Īos, Leo MESSI ūüźź

Feliz Cumplea√Īos, Leo Messi


Eternamente, GRACIAS


Este es un regalo para Lionel MESSI en su cumplea√Īos n√ļmero 35.

Un humilde homenaje por todo el orgullo, admiración y felicidad que trae a mi vida y a la de millones de personas en todo el mundo.
Un peque√Īo tributo para quien es el Mejor Jugador de F√ļtbol que ha existido y tambi√©n, a una gran canci√≥n interpretada por la leyenda, Tina Turner.

Esta adaptación se ha producido y realizado con el máximo respeto por ella y los compositores, Holly Knight y Mike Chapman.

FELIZ CUMPLEA√ĎOS, LEO, desde los m√°s profundo de mi coraz√≥n, con todo mi cari√Īo.


This is a gift for Lionel MESSI on his 35th Birthday.

A humble tribute for all the admiration, pride and joy that he brings to my life and the life of millions around the world.

A little homage to whom is the Greatest Football Player ever existed, and also to a great song interpreted by the legend, Tina Turner.

This adaptation has been produced with the utmost respect for her and the songwriters, Holly Knight & Mike Chapman.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEO, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU. We love you!




Produced and adapted by : Braca

Mixed and Mastered by : Manon Grandjean at The Qube Studios, London, UK

Vocals and Backing Vocals : Braca

Bass : Rodra Lopez

Drums : Gerardo Tuccini

Guitars : Miguel García

Keyboards : Braca

Tenor Saxophone : Martin Williams

Vocal Recording : Drifta

Bass, Drums and Guitars were recorded at Estudio Omni, Adrogué, Argentina

Messi The Best is an adaptation of The Best

Written by Holly Knight and Michael Donald Chapman

Published by Knighty-Knight Music (ASCAP) and Mike Chapman Publishing Enterprises (ASCAP)

Administered by BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd and Reservoir Media Management Inc.

Used by permission. All rights reserved.


Agradecimientos / Thanks to

Gracias Lionel Messi por ser el mejor de todos. Gracias por mantener esa humildad desde chiquito. Gracias por elegir Argentina a pesar de todo. Gracias por no rendirte nunca. Gracias por hacer o√≠dos sordos a los que no entienden nada. Gracias por llenarme de orgullo de ser ARGENTINA y hacerme tan pero tan feliz durante todos estos a√Īos. Eternamente, gracias.

Thank you, Tina Turner, for your strength, your unique talent, and for being a huge inspiration. Thank you Mr Knights and Mr Chapman for the gift of such a great song.

Gracias Gerard, Rodri y Miguel por por la paciencia, tocar y sonar de puta madre.

Thank you, Simone Sauphanor, my lovely vocal coach in London, for your professionalism and always being there when I needed you.

Gracias Haydee Gerardi, mi profe en Buenos Aires, una de mis personas favoritas en el mundo y por el apoyo de siempre.

Thank you, my dear friend, David Ahlund, for your time, talent, advice and bat laser ear.

Thank you, Thorsten Hillman, for uploading your video tutorial. It massively helped me to learn how to play the keys for this song, even though I don’t know German.

Martin Beeko aka DJ Mobius, thank you for replying to my messages and helping me out with this.

Bobby Blues, thanks for taking the time to reply to my e-mail and researching to answer my questions about the Roland D-50 patches and sounds.

Thank you, Grace Roberts, at BMG and Thomas Mathieson, at Reservoir, for taking me seriously and helping me to get the blessing and approval to be able to release the song.

Last, but not least… Merci beaucoup Manon Grandjean!  I do not know enough vocabulary to thank you properly, not only for your outstanding skills at mixing and mastering but also for your priceless help, when I needed a friend the most. You are the most wonderful and generous friend I have met on this island and, I am so so so but, so lucky to have you in my life. I hope one day I can be at least close to your excellence, as a professional and as such a wonderful human being you are. I will be forever grateful.

Con todo mi amor… With all my love.


¬ŅQuerido MESSI, est√°s listo?

2022 no empez√≥ muy bien para m√≠‚Ķ Espero que el a√Īo est√© siendo mejor para Uds. que me leen.

En febrero, cuando estaba buscando un nuevo hogar, comet√≠ el error de mudarme a una casa a compartir, en la zona norte de Londres (44 Paveley Street), con el propietario de la vivienda. ¬°GRAN ERROR! Este tipo no buscaba s√≥lo una inquilina. Un tipo que no entiende el significado de la palabra NO, ni el respeto, ni los l√≠mites, ni la privacidad, ni el consentimiento, ni siquiera la ley‚Ķ Una absoluta pesadilla que a√ļn no ha terminado ya que este garca todav√≠a me debe el dep√≥sito, m√°s todos los gastos en que incurr√≠ por tener que mudarme de emergencia, m√°s el trauma. Planeo llevar este pedazo de mierda a los tribunales, pero primero necesito sentirme m√°s fuerte y recuperarme por completo de esa experiencia nefasta.
ALERTAS Se√Īoritas, TENGAN CUIDADO, si est√°n buscando un hogar seguro en Londres ¬°ALEJ√ČNSE de all√≠! Desafortunadamente, SpareRoom no hace nada al respecto, ni te protegen y creeme que no vas a querer estar en la misma situaci√≥n. Vivir aterrorizada no es forma de vivir.

Despu√©s de esas semanas penosas y agobiantes, me v√≠ forzada a reorganizar todo mi a√Īo, planes, metas, finanzas, etc. y reci√©n ahora, luego de varios meses me estoy empezando a sentir un poco mejor. Principalmente porque he estado tratando de concentrarme en uno de las cosas que hacen feliz: la M√öSICA. M√°s concretamente, una canci√≥n en la que empec√© a trabajar el a√Īo pasado‚Ķ En realidad, es una adaptaci√≥n de una canci√≥n que me encanta y ped√≠ a los autores su bendici√≥n y autorizaci√≥n, la que provisionalmente me dieron. Despu√©s de meses de trabajo, la canci√≥n est√° en proceso de mezcla y masterizaci√≥n, ¬°ya falta poco!

Esto no es un simple cover. Es mi versi√≥n de una canci√≥n incre√≠ble‚Ķ Una adaptaci√≥n para honrar al Mejor Jugador de F√ļtbol de la Historia en su cumplea√Īos N√ļmero 35. Tambi√©n, es un humilde y respetuoso homenaje a una Diosa del Rock, a quien tambi√©n amo y admiro profundamente.


No digo nada m√°s, ya que es una sorpresa!!!


Espero que les guste y lo compartan (muchísimas veces) ya que necesito que MESSI lo vea y lo escuche… Después de todo, es un regalo para él.

Est√©n atentos, ya casi estoy! 



Are you ready, MESSI?

2022 did not start very good for me…… I hope the year it’s been better for you.

In February, when I was looking for a new home I made the mistake of moving to a place in North London (44 Paveley Street) with a living landlord. BIG MISTAKE! This guy was not looking only for a lodger. A guy who does not understand the meaning of the word NO, nor respect, or boundaries, or privacy, or consent or even the law… An absolute nightmare which hasn’t ended yet as this criminal still owes me the deposit, plus loss of earnings and damages. I am still planning to take this piece of shite to Court, but first I need to be stronger and fully recovered from such a traumatic experience…
Ladies BE AWARE, if you’re looking for a safe home in London STAY AWAY from there! Unfortunately, SpareRoom won’t do anything about it, they won’t protect you and trust me, you don’t want to be in the same situation. Living terrified is not a healthy way of living.

After those painful and scary weeks, I had to reorganise my whole year, plans, goals, finances, etc. and just now, several months later I am starting to feel a bit better, mainly because I have been trying to focus on one of the things that make happy: MUSIC. More specifically, a song that I started working on last year… Is actually an adaption of a song I love and asked the publishers for their blessing and authorisation, which provisionally they gave me. Now, after months of work, the song is in process of mixing and mastering, almost there!

This is not just a cover, as I said, is my version of an amazing song… An adaptation to honour the Greatest Football Player Ever Existed on his 35th Birthday. Also, it is a humble and respectful little tribute to a Goddess of Rock, who also I love and deeply admire.

I am not saying anything else, as it is a surprise!!!

Hope you like it and share it (many many times) as I need that MESSI listens to it. After all, is a gift for him ‚ėļÔłŹ

Stay tuned, is coming soon!



Back On Track

Hello Darlings!

It’s been a while, I know… Too long. But it was needed.

Stay safe,

After having worked like a maniac I needed some time off… Though it was a very enlightening experience on a personal and professional level, in the end, showed me that inside the Music Industry it is all orchestrated for a small bunch of people and, as the word says it, it is a Business. The Music Business. Basically, it is all about the money.

As a person myself who never has done anything for/cared about the money, it was painful, disappointing but not surprising to realise that I will never have a real chance in this industry and, that put me off a bit. Actually, a lot. I did not even want to listen to music anymore. Also, after having reached out to the wrong people I didn’t manage to release any music last year and afterwards, even I stopped playing the piano too. I just was not feeling it. At all.

Then, last April I was offered what looked like an amazing opportunity by Platoon (Apple owned Artists Services Company). This time though, I kept my expectations to the lowest and laid out all my cards from the beginning… I even negotiated my salary for the first time… EVER!
However, very quickly I could see that wasn’t the role nor the place to be and I quit. I cannot waste the most valuable thing I have: my time. Deep inside of me, I know Steve Jobs is proud of me.

So now I am back on track! I am FEELING THE MUSIC again… That fire burning inside of me that won’t extinguish until I do something about it. Feeding it. Making it burn, stronger and hotter than ever.

My priorities right now are…

1st: Going to the FIFA World Cup next year. I cannot die without living the experience of a Football World Cup and, next year works perfectly. I must see MESSI playing for Argentina again. If everything goes well and if I manage to get a ticket for the 18th of December, I will be seeing him lifting the only trophy missing in his cabinet. Wish me luck, please!

2nd: Being happy making my Music. Without pressure, boundaries, genres, limitations or unwanted opinions. I am going to make music on my terms, without asking anything to people who promise but never delivers, without compromising who I am… I am making the Music I like and I want to sing loud and clear, writing it, playing it, singing it as I want and I can. I am making Music now again because I want to, because I LOVE MUSIC and I always wanted to be on the stage singing to people as Freddie did. Because, no matter how many other things I try to do, inside of me, my passion does not allow me to give up. I am a performer, simply as that.

3rd: Going to Japan. I wanted to go last year, but we all know what happened so, next September it is! I cannot wait to explore Japanese cities, meet the locals, learn about their culture, Buddhism and eat as much incredible food I can afford. Cannot wait!

I hope you join me and be with me physically and, spiritually and emotionally on this adventure. One thing I can promise, it won’t be boring.


Photo: Yulia Hauer