Back On Track

Hello Darlings!

It’s been a while, I know… Too long. But it was needed.

Stay safe,

After having worked like a maniac I needed some time off… Though it was a very enlightening experience on a personal and professional level, in the end, showed me that inside the Music Industry it is all orchestrated for a small bunch of people and, as the word says it, it is a Business. The Music Business. Basically, it is all about the money.

As a person myself who never has done anything for/cared about the money, it was painful, disappointing but not surprising to realise that I will never have a real chance in this industry and, that put me off a bit. Actually, a lot. I did not even want to listen to music anymore. Also, after having reached out to the wrong people I didn’t manage to release any music last year and afterwards, even I stopped playing the piano too. I just was not feeling it. At all.

Then, last April I was offered what looked like an amazing opportunity by Platoon (Apple owned Artists Services Company). This time though, I kept my expectations to the lowest and laid out all my cards from the beginning… I even negotiated my salary for the first time… EVER!
However, very quickly I could see that wasn’t the role nor the place to be and I quit. I cannot waste the most valuable thing I have: my time. Deep inside of me, I know Steve Jobs is proud of me.

So now I am back on track! I am FEELING THE MUSIC again… That fire burning inside of me that won’t extinguish until I do something about it. Feeding it. Making it burn, stronger and hotter than ever.

My priorities right now are…

1st: Going to the FIFA World Cup next year. I cannot die without living the experience of a Football World Cup and, next year works perfectly. I must see MESSI playing for Argentina again. If everything goes well and if I manage to get a ticket for the 18th of December, I will be seeing him lifting the only trophy missing in his cabinet. Wish me luck, please!

2nd: Being happy making my Music. Without pressure, boundaries, genres, limitations or unwanted opinions. I am going to make music on my terms, without asking anything to people who promise but never delivers, without compromising who I am… I am making the Music I like and I want to sing loud and clear, writing it, playing it, singing it as I want and I can. I am making Music now again because I want to, because I LOVE MUSIC and I always wanted to be on the stage singing to people as Freddie did. Because, no matter how many other things I try to do, inside of me, my passion does not allow me to give up. I am a performer, simply as that.

3rd: Going to Japan. I wanted to go last year, but we all know what happened so, next September it is! I cannot wait to explore Japanese cities, meet the locals, learn about their culture, Buddhism and eat as much incredible food I can afford. Cannot wait!

I hope you join me and be with me physically and, spiritually and emotionally on this adventure. One thing I can promise, it won’t be boring.


Photo: Yulia Hauer

The Day After

Hello my dears,


Yesterday I performed for third time in London but first time in the 1901 Arts Club in Waterloo. Maybe a more pianist-orientated place to perform, but I can say I enjoyed (a bit).  And I must say, it was my first chapter of my book “How to destroy songs that you love“…

Just after performing I hated myself because all the things that I’ve been rehearsing and preparing with my incredible skilled accompanist Giannis and patient Teacher Michael, were completely forgotten (by me), during my short time on stage. I’m a singer who forgets to breath… Can you believe it?! Is like a football player who runs without the ball!

Also, yesterday was Independence Day in Argentina and it was quite especial for me, because it was my first official day as an unemployed person in years, after taking the decision of quit my job for many reasons and the main one: to dedicate 100% to what I love the most, MUSIC.

I still need to check out the recording, but I’m pretty sure what I’m going to hear. If it’s a bit decent, I might share it with the rest of the world.

In any case, yesterday it was just the beginning, the first day of the life I always wanted to live. Wish me luck and may the Music be with you!

Gaby Braca


Ps.: Best part of the rest of the evening, was having some drinks, for first time in the Dandelyan. Liam & Alex and the rest of the staff made my night even better. I’ll be back, Cheers!