Are you ready, MESSI?

2022 did not start very good for me…… I hope the year it’s been better for you.

In February, when I was looking for a new home I made the mistake of moving to a place in North London (44 Paveley Street) with a living landlord. BIG MISTAKE! This guy was not looking only for a lodger. A guy who does not understand the meaning of the word NO, nor respect, or boundaries, or privacy, or consent or even the law… An absolute nightmare which hasn’t ended yet as this criminal still owes me the deposit, plus loss of earnings and damages. I am still planning to take this piece of shite to Court, but first I need to be stronger and fully recovered from such a traumatic experience…
Ladies BE AWARE, if you’re looking for a safe home in London STAY AWAY from there! Unfortunately, SpareRoom won’t do anything about it, they won’t protect you and trust me, you don’t want to be in the same situation. Living terrified is not a healthy way of living.

After those painful and scary weeks, I had to reorganise my whole year, plans, goals, finances, etc. and just now, several months later I am starting to feel a bit better, mainly because I have been trying to focus on one of the things that make happy: MUSIC. More specifically, a song that I started working on last year… Is actually an adaption of a song I love and asked the publishers for their blessing and authorisation, which provisionally they gave me. Now, after months of work, the song is in process of mixing and mastering, almost there!

This is not just a cover, as I said, is my version of an amazing song… An adaptation to honour the Greatest Football Player Ever Existed on his 35th Birthday. Also, it is a humble and respectful little tribute to a Goddess of Rock, who also I love and deeply admire.

I am not saying anything else, as it is a surprise!!!

Hope you like it and share it (many many times) as I need that MESSI listens to it. After all, is a gift for him ☺️

Stay tuned, is coming soon!